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The Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is at the heart of happy and satisfied.

Feeling thankful and expressing appreciation expand the soul.

This holiday season, ask your people:

”What are you thankful for this year? Tell me more about that.”

Just asking the question and being really interested in the answer generates amazing good feelings—for speaker and listener alike. In a family situation, these often become Legacy Stories.

At Advantage Family Business Center, we have honed our focus on family transitions and legacy development. Legacy is not all about money. In fact we have launched a whole new website to show you what we mean and what we are doing now. We focus on 3 bottom-lines of legacy:

• Relationships (How do we “be” with each other?)

• Spiritual (How is my life aligned with my values?)

• Material (what is the best way to “share the wealth” now and after I am gone?)

What is important to you and your family?

That is the beginning of your Legacy Story.

On our new website you will find a short video to watch about Family Legacy and how to get started, just click and learn more:

Your comments and questions are enthusiastically welcomed.

I am grateful for my relationship with you.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday season,

Karen Calcagno,CPCC,PCC, ORSCC

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