Generation 1: The Founder


• Looking to retire soon

• Sell business?

• Pass business on?

Generation 2: The Expander


• Grow business, grow family

• Preserve wealth & relationships

Generation 3: The Cousin Group


Family diversity:

Blessing or burden?

The Inheritors (any generation)


• Inspired or entitled?

AFBC helps the Founder

• Assess the risks

• Create a 1st generation family business plan

• Implement the plan

AFBC helps the Expander

• Prepare rising generations

• Resolve partnership difficulties

• Implement the Expander family business plan

AFBC helps the Cousin Group

• Assess the risks

• Create a 3rd generation family plan

• Implement the Cousin Group business plan

AFBC helps the Inheritors

• Get clear about their place in the family business

• Develop Money Maturity

• Implement the Inheritors plan

AdvantageFBC Solutions 
Generational Concerns
The Whole Family: Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is about more than money. It is about preserving and protecting family wealth—human and financial capital. Recognizing those gifts in each generation builds “family”: Who we are—What is important to us—What our family members can count on.

AdavantageFBC helps the Family

• Define their legacy

  (you can't start this too soon)

• Implement the Multigenerational plan

Learn more about Legacy Planning

from Karen Calcagno's Video 

Advantage Family Business Center Generational Chart

Where family & money intersect we help you achieve healthy family relationships that lead to a successful family business.

Are you the Founder? The Expander? The Cousin Group? The Inheritor?

No matter what your role in your family business, Advantage Family Business Center coaching and training will guide you to family harmony.

Family Business Transition Challenges
Intergeneration Family Business
You Love Your Family, But They Drive You Crazy “

It’s hard to run the business well and satisfy family members’ WANTS.” (Due to competition for basic resources: time, attention and money)


Are You Feeling Stuck?  

Life is full of contradictions. Opposing needs are both important. Change is unrelenting. Your family evolves, your business advances, your industry changes, regulations expand and the world is in turmoil. How do you manage all of these transitions?

Worries About Family Business Fairness


Risks for not getting help with your transition planning

• "Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations”

Most family businesses do not survive through the second generation, much less the third      generation.This is primarily due to lack of planning, and not creating a structure or family governance. For a business to endure, care must be given to raising the next generation of leaders from the time they are young.

• Huge waste of energy and resources

Course corrections need to be bigger, more costly in time, energy and focus.


• Hyperstress

Without a good Plan B, unnecessary time and stress are required to put together a new plan in the midst of crisis. The risk is intensified.


• Missed Opportunities

It is difficult to see the big picture and its possibilities when you are narrowly focused on today’s problems. Coaching provides an island of time devoted to you and your big picture wants and needs. It offers a time of reflection with a mentor/coach who has walked in your shoes.

The Generations and Concerns in a Family Business

Keep Your Balance in a World of Constant Change

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When Relationships and the Business of Family Matter