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Family Business Speaker & Conference Presenter

Karen Calcagno is the ideal choice as a Family Business Speaker because she has been there—and done that!

Karen Calcagno is presently part of four different family enterprises:

  • Partnership with husband in Classic Auto dealership

  • Own and operate a Sierra lodge

  • Working a Real Estate Investment & Management business with her husband and children

  • Partners with one daughter in Advantage Family Business Center    


Are you seeking a speaker who energetically connects with the audience and who has walked in their shoes? No matter who the crowd:  family business members working in the business—or not—inheritors, cousin owners, families who find themselves “in business” with their siblings when elders are gone­­­—Karen has savvy, timely advice with amusing anecdotes and plenty of success strategies to offer.


She brings several decades of experience to the stage. Your conference and meeting will get rave reviews. Her dynamic presentations and workshops are a necessity to help families and family business move from risk to resilience.

Karen will help you find a better way to have those difficult, but necessary, conversations about relationships, fairness and money and issues surrounding these subjects.


With a history of filling the house, her breakout sessions are filled to capacity and she is invited back again and again.


Karen always provides:

• Insightful ideas

• Results driven programs

• Memorable stories

• Great actionable ideas

• Interactive workshops

• Communication improving concepts


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