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Founder of Family Business wonders about the next steps and securing his legecy
Generations of family business
Blending business and happy families at work

Our System - About AdvantageFBC

We are Advantage Family Business Center. Our system helps you achieve balance by having Important conversations about multigenerational business that will bring harmony to your business and wealth. 


• Family Enterprise or Partnership

• Family Business Transitions

• Your Legacy, Your Way

• Inheritance and Sudden Wealth


Where family relationships and money intersect

AdvantageFBC gives you peace of mind by helping you develop a balanced, happy family, healthy business.

We offer both short and long term engagements, depending upon your needs.

We act as your coach/guide by:  

• Being an intermediary in your family business dynamic

• Assisting with transition planning

• Facilitating hard—but important—conversations

• Guiding you through legacy planning

• Helping build knowledge, skills & tools for effective family participation

How Advantage Family Business Center meeting systems work

• All parties are heard in individual, confidential conversations with our master meeting facilitator

• We begin our difficult conversation with “Advantage Family Business Center Family Agreements”.

• Common ground is found.

• Participants open to each other in a facilitated, safe, neutral space.

• Even very difficult conversations are amazingly productive.

Our AdvantageFBC System Gets Results

We Listen to
Each Individual

We Learn About You

Your unique situation guides our approach as all partners are heard


One family of 10 we worked with, had extreme disagreement about who would own and run the family ranch after Grandma passed. Grandma was 95, of sound mind, but frail and not up to dealing with conflict. As a last ditch effort to prevent family members from suing each other, the adult grandchildren engaged AFBC for a Facilitated Family Meeting. Family members, many who had not spoken to each other in decades, somberly gathered around the meeting table. Using the AFBC Facilitated Family Meeting System, the conversation unfolded, revealing information many in the group had never heard. At the end of the meeting, the family agreed upon plans providing care for Grandma to the end, and leaving the ranch in the hands of the most capable family member. They left the building engaged in lively upbeat conversation. That’s a win!!

Solutions Surface &

Clarity is Gained

We Co-Create Solutions

Facilitated family meetings bring clarity and commitment


When Father died in a tractor accident working on the family farm, it was discovered that he had given one of his five children title to a house. No one knew ahead of time—not even the recipient of the amazing gift. Their parents had given substantial financial gifts to all of the siblings during their young adult years. The gifting was unevenly—given according to the parent’s perception of their need. All of the siblings work together on the family farm. The issue of unfairness was eating away at their relationships. It was important to resolve the problem so they could let it go and get on with running the farm. They wanted to have a solution  now—to dividing the estate fairly when their elderly mother passed away. We facilitated this co-created solution. Each sibling participated, had theirsay and contributed to the solution. A written statement of their agreement was signed by all of them. They returned to work with lighter hearts.

Concerns are Eased
 & Peace of Mind
is Achieved

Happy Families-Healthy Business Coaching • Training • Consulting


Two brothers with fledgling start-up businesses, financed by their parents, decided  to combine forces and create one business out of the two. Several years passed. They built-up a very successful business. When they got comfortable, their differences started to grate upon one another. They had different philosophies of life. One wanted to take it easy, the other wanted to build it bigger. Their families were close and parents were still involved financially. It was important to them to work out these differences peacefully so the family relationships would not suffer, We facilitated their conversations. so their emotions wouldn’t run the show. They eventually agreed to split and go back to the original separate businesses. The family relationships are still solid.

Outcome: What You Get By Using Our System

Advantage Family Business Center helps you meet the challenges in each generation 

Working with us you will gain:

  • Clarity—Clarify the desires of family members regarding the future of the business.

  • Certainty—Your conversations will turn into a solid written plan.

  • Accountability—Commitment (yours and ours) to follow through throughout the planning and execution process.

  • Empowerment—Our facilitated meetings provide the framework for peaceful, fair and lasting solutions.

  • More profitable transitions—Our creative, experienced insights help you maximize the outcome for everyone.

  • Legacy your way—Legacy is far more than money. We will help you articulate what is important to you to pass on to the next generation.

  • Family harmony—We will give you the tools to keep the peace in an environment of significant differences.

  • Balance and peace of mind: Happy Family, Healthy Business.

Keep Your Balance in a World of Constant Change

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