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Karen Calcagno

When family members are in an enterprise together, we call it a “Family Business.”


Family business can be exhilarating! Full of promise and commitment, running and growing a business together can provide security for many generations to come.  


But it can also be challenging!  Personalities clash. Interests are not always shared. And, it’s much harder to leave work at the office when your business partner is sitting across the dinner table. (Not to mention the increased complexity and challenge of family businesses that employ multiple generations, where issues of fairness, goals, entitlement, inheritance and what is best for the family are always big questions.)


The line between the needs of the family and the needs of the business is easily blurred. That’s where Advantage Family Business Center can help. Karen Calcagno and Claire Laughlin (a mother and daughter team) have been working together and helping other family businesses succeed for years.


As certified coaches and trainers, we have been in family business, too, for decades. We have deeply studied business systems, family dynamics, communication, leadership and conflict resolution. We did this first to rejuvenate our own family business and then to help others thrive.

At Advantage Family Business Center, Karen and Claire use a unique blend of family-system centered consulting,coaching, and training to help you:   


  • Successfully grow your business     

  • Keep your family healthy through thick and thin

  • Navigate the rough waters of family business

  • Strengthen family relationships

  • Build a business for future generations

Claire Laughlin

Keep Your Balance in a World of Constant Change

When Relationships and the Business of Family Matter

Karen Calcagno, CPCC,PCC, ORSCC



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Advantage Family Business Center empowers families to achieve peaceful, successful family business transitions through family business consulting, meeting facilitation, & legacy planning.