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While Home for the Holidays-Should We Have a Family Meeting?

Families gather for the holidays. Often folks travel great distances to be with family they see only once a year.

Holidays are loaded with emotion and expectations. And—the gathering often leads one or more of the group to want to have an important conversation with the family while everyone is together.

We are calling that “Important Conversation” –a Family Meeting—when it is clearly intentional. It has a goal, and is implemented with a plan.

This can have a good outcome or it can be awful. Here are a few tips for a wonderful family connection outcome when you want to have that family meeting during the holidays.

Being family is about connection—The family meeting is a great tool for building that connection. Success is found in clear thinking guiding your planning and action.

You can have a very positive impact on your family by making good family meeting choices.

Wishing you peace and prosperity and great connections in this season of joy.

Coach Karen C

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