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Family Legacy Planning with Karen Calcango, CPCC, PCC, ORSCC

What is Legacy Planning & Why Do We Need This?

Folks “of a certain age” often awaken to the desire for knowing their life has had a positive impact upon their world. Have I lived a purposeful life? How has that purpose been fulfilled? 

As one becomes more aware of one’s mortality, issues of continuity arise. How will my life count in the flow of generations? How will I be remembered? How have I contributed?  How can I share what I have learned with those that follow me? What can I do to leave the planet in a better place than when I arrived?

Legacy Planning helps you answer those personal questions.

Legacy Planning also addresses the issues of wealth preservation. It begins with identifying often unrecognized wealth in families—human capital.

When you work with Karen Calcagno and AdvantageFBC, you will ask and find answers:

  • Who are we as family?

  • What do we value?

  • What is our purpose as a family?

  • What are the strengths, skills and knowledge in our family group?

  • What can we count on from each other—especially when the chips are down?

Legacy Planning further focuses on managing and preserving financial wealth for now and future generations.

This includes Estate Planning Strategies:

  • What impact will wealth have on this and succeeding generations? (It doesn’t have to be a lot of money to have big—and sometimes negative—impact)

  • What actions can we take to have the most positive outcome?

  • Financial education for all interested family members

  • Considering how present child rearing practices can prepare the younger generation for wise stewardship

  • Making sure appropriate paper work is in place 

  • Putting together Plan B emergency plans for business and home

  • A focus on how to keep this Legacy alive in the family in coming years


Legacy Planning provides a structure to help families get clarity about these and other questions. 

AFBC  Facilitated Family Meetings create a safe space to explore difficult topics.

Advantage Family Business Center guides the family through the process. Family members co-create action plans for the family and for the business. AFBC will remain as advisor, guide and facilitator as long as needed.

Keep Your Balance in a World of Constant Change

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